Can Dogs Be Vegan?

In short....yes 100%. But Its more complicated than that, the main 3 argument for dogs being carnivores is "Short intestine" "Carnivore teeth" "Dogs are descended from wolves". So lets break this into small parts so we can digest it properly (no pun intended). 

First the short intestine argument, is the fact that dogs like many carnivores (such as lions, Cats, wolves and ferrets) have shorted intestines. It is theorized that a short intestinal track helps carnivores digest meat more easily and quickly pushed out bad Bactria that may have been on the flesh. 
Now this has a couple problems, first, this short digestional track isn't exclusive of carnivores it is shared by omnivores. Secondly having a short digestional track does not automatically mean "meat eater" it is not about the length of the digestion track but rather the enzymes used to digest the foods that are passing thru the body. Which as you know if you have read my previous blogs, dogs produce an enzyme that is almost identical to that of a cow or rabbit for breaking down starches. 

Point Number 2. Carnivore teeth, this one is just silly. Everyone knows that dogs have canines and so do lions and wolves....but hippos also have canines, so do gorillas and Camels have fangs....The "assumption" is that fangs automatically indicate predator or meat eater. But that just isn't true, Canines have a dual purpose as self defense. Lets look at the dog, the only real attacking mechanization on a dog is the mouth, so it is reasonable to assume that the mouth also acts as their main defense. Dogs don't have claws like a cat or lion, they don't have lighting reflexes like you would see in most predators, my dog can't seem to get her coordination together enough to catch a treat in the air. 

And to the last point, Dogs are descended from wolves. This is 100% correct, but the key term here is they are "descended" as in, they are not wolves. Chickens are descended from a T-rex, doesn't mean a chicken is going to star in the next Jurassic park. A study conducted by evolutionary geneticists from Uppsala University in Sweden found that dogs have immensely more genes for digesting starches and those genes expressed themselves 28 times more than the wolves. This is a huge difference between dogs and wolves.

Dogs have evolved along side humans, as such they have adapted to eating fruits and vegetables and can fully process them and thrive on them. Our dogs do not need to consume animals to live a long and healthy life. In case your wondering if a dog could live on just meat alone, the answer is no, they would die, most likely of heart failure. But they can live just fine without it.



aaron Keller