Veganism for dogs?

"Aren't dogs Carnivores? Don't dogs need meat?" Well the short answer is no! Dogs are pure omnivores (leaning more toward herbivores.), even their close cousins "wolves" which are classified as carnivores, eat roots and certain vegetables in the wild. There is even a species of wolf named "The Maned Wolf" (Chrysocyon brachyurus) who's diet is mostly fruit. However showing these facts on TV are not as interesting to the average viewer, as a wolf pack bring down a large animal. Veganism for dogs is not only the right thing to do ethically but the healthiest option as well. In 2002 the worlds oldest dog was a border collie named Bramble who lived to the amazing age of 27. Bramble was a Vegan Dog, his diet consisted mostly of lentils and organic vegetables. Now the dog to beat Bramble was a Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey who lived to 29. Bluey's diet was primarily meat based, but it was fresh meat, very fresh and local to the dogs region (kangaroo and emu meats). Now Bluey of course ate Vegetables too, but his diet was mostly meat based. Now you might be thinking "Well the meat eater beat the Vegan dog" Yes he did in age, but the dog that ate primarily "fresh meat" also had his veggies, not to mention that Brambles diet proves that their is no shortage of nutrition in a Vegan diet for dogs. While the "Carnivore" dog still need to eat his vegetables despite the high quality nature of the meat he was receiving. Now dogs do have some Carnivore characteristics but you must remember this is a species in transition. Being with humans for so long (Humans have primarily been plant eaters for the last 10,000 years) has shifted dogs diets toward plants, and plant based diets. I have no doubt however that dogs where used to kill rats, rabbits gophers and many other small animals in order to protect farms, grains and live stock, but outside of that uncommon source of food, dog where eating plants. Think about it, is a medieval farmer going to kill one his cows (a precious source of work, milk and cheese) to feed his dog? Of course not, and is his dog going to catch wild animals every single day? Most likely not, especially in the winter time. 

In today's world of horrific factory farming, over fishing and the gerneral depletion of natural resources and water in order to continue with a meat based diet that DOES NOT have to include you or your furry companion. Your pooch can not only survive, but thrive on a plant based diet. So make the switch for a happy healthy pup!

aaron Keller