5 Superfoods for your dog, Thanks to Lazhar Ichir!

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Superfoods are natural edibles offering an unrivalled quality and quantity of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Super foods for humans aren’t necessarily good for dogs and vice-versa, so let’s see what works for our four-legged companions’ health and well-being.

Before we get into it, just have these ingredients in mind and add them to your dog’s diet. This could mean as a healthier snack, little occasional treat or if you can, part of your dog’s daily meals.

1 — Apples (without seeds)

Crunchy, sweet, and high in fiber. Apples once you remove the seeds are the perfect little treat that will give your dog a good punch of energy thanks to its carbohydrate content, but also keep the teeth clean thanks to the fiber. Apples are also known to freshen your dog’s breath when they are part of your dog’s daily diet.

A little tip for the summer: http://www.sheknows.com/pets-and-animals/articles/962774/frozen-treats-your-pets-will-love dice an apple or two and put it all in the freezer for an hour or so before going on a walk. Your dog will love gnawing on them!

2 — Carrots

Low in calories, carrots are a superfood for dogs that offers an endless list of nutrients.

Carotenoids are natural antioxidants boosting your dog’s immune system but also amazing to support the whelping bitch. Indeed, we now know that http://www.royalcanin.com.au/health-nutrition/nutrients/other-nutrients/carotenoid-pigments beta-carotene helps the growth of the embryo.

Beyond carotenoids, carrots contains a great quantity of B, C and K vitamins which helps, along with potassium, manganese and phosphorus, the production of sustainable energy. Blood clotting is also helped thanks to these nutrients so carrots is a must-have daily ingredient whenever possible.

3 — Kale

For too long, kale was ignored but since we discovered its http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270435.php">anti-inflammatory properties</a>, kale has become available everywhere at a very affordable price.

Beyond the vitamins A and K, kale also packs an enormous amount of antioxidants to help purify your dog’s digestive system and body. Antioxidants shield the dog’s body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals.

As a deliciously crunchy leafy vegetable, it can also be added to your dog’s daily diet along with the carrots. Both provide different but complementary vitamins!

4 — Raw Chicken Necks

First a warning: http://rawfed.com/myths/bones.html never give your dog cooked bones</a> because they may splinter and cause internal damage.

Also, if you give a dog a bone, favor meaty bones like chicken necks. The meat around the bone will make them chew more resulting in a perfect gum massage and dental exercise. Gnawing on raw bones is the best toothbrush available on the market. It just works like magic and aids to the removal of plaque for a healthier breath and hygiene.

The dog and its ancestor, the wolf, have been doing this forever so don’t stress too much. Just supervise your pooch the first few times to be on the safe side. You may smash the chicken neck a little to facilitate your dog’s task if they struggle.

Another benefit with raw bones for dogs is the big intake of calcium pairing with it. It helps with your dog’s structure while preventing arthritis and joint problems.

5 — Seaweed and Kelp

Both being amazing sources of trace elements, organic fibres and minerals, http://pets.thenest.com/benefits-kelp-dogs-5321.html Seaweed and Kelp are available as health supplements for both dogs and humans.

Usually sold in powder form, they come from sustainable deep sea plantations and are then processed using gentle mechanisms to make sure the final powder retains all its goodness! It may look pricey at purchase, but you only need very little every day for it to take action.

Results you can expect are a shinier coat, healthier teeth and also removes toxic elements such as heavy metals from your dog’s body. Kelp is one of the best sources of iodine which promotes thyroid function.

Just sprinkle a tablespoon a day, over your dog’s meal, and adjust accordingly after few days.


As you can see, these ingredients are easily found in any supermarket and they pack a great amount of vitamins, nutrients and also are very low in calories. Whether you only have one dog or you are  href="https://breedingbusiness.com/how-to-breed-dogs/, these are must-eat superfoods for all dogs around you!

As it is always the case with dogs, offer small quantities of any new food and increase amounts gradually. The last thing you want is your dog to get an upset stomach on yummy healthy superfoods!

aaron Keller