The Rise of Veganism

In 2009, less than one percent of the US population reported eating vegan. Now, 3% of the United States population is vegan. That is a up over 300% in about 7 years! That's not the best part either, because Veganism is still skyrocketing. If you go to "Google Trends" it allows you to see what people are googling and by how much year over year and month over month. Well the word "Vegan" is being searched in 2016 more than any other year by far and growing fast. This means more and more people are researching what it mean's to be vegan, which means more and more people will be making the best choice of their lives and all the animals lives they will be saving. Google Trends also shows you where people are who are googling these terms. It turns out that the top country for researching veganism is.....Actually Australia, and then the US! So The US vegan market is growing fast and isn't going to slow down any time soon, much like the revelation that smoking is terrible for you, people are slowly waking up to the facts about meat, the connection to for animal lovers and the food on their plate and the effects on the environment. Soon people will realize just how much they have to gain by giving up meat.

aaron Keller