Peanut Butter Banana

Peanut Butter Banana


 Lets be honest, who doesn't love peanut butter? But you might be concerned because dogs are not supposed to eat human peanut butter? Well fear not!! Our peanut butter for our dog treats is made BY US in our human grade commercial kitchen. There is no added salt, sugar, trans-fats or preservatives to our peanut butter and we only use organic peanuts. It tastes every bit as good as normal peanut butter but without any of the health risks. Our Peanut butter delight use organic bananas. Grain free, with no preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring. everything is made in a human grade commercial kitchen using only human grade ingredients and we follow human health code rules! Because if you can't eat something, why would you give it to your dog?

Since our products don't have preservatives, we recommend refrigerating after opening.

Chickpea flour, Pea flour, Applesauce (unsweetened), Peanuts, Potato, Almond Milk (unsweetened), Banana, Vanilla (non-alcohol) Molasses, Sunflower Seed oil

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