Sweet Pawtato

Sweet Pawtato


We are proud to present our Sweet Pawtato (Yes, We know, bad pun)!! The Sweet Pawtato delight is absolutely delicious and you might want one too! These wonderful treats are low in fat, but packed with nutrients these treats are not only great tasting but great for your pup! Our dog treats are always grain free, made with 95% orgainic ingredients, with no preservatives or anything artificial! They are also Vegan, so no animal product where put into these treats. The best part is everything is made in a human grade commercial kitchen using only human grade ingredients and we follow human health code rules! Because if you can't eat something, why would you give it to your dog? 

Since our products don't have preservatives, we recommend refrigerating after opening.

Chickpea flour, Pea flour, Applesauce (unsweetened), Sweet Potato, Potato, Cinnamon, Molasses, Vanilla (non-alcohol), Sunflower Seed Oil

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